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if u can’t handle me at my hardcore feminist then u can’t have me at literally any other time bc that’s all i am 24/7

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A moment of silence for…



Every black man that is “ok with white people using the n-word”

That Asian girl who applauds Katy Perry dressing up like a Geisha

Those native American folks who are fine with the “Redskins” mascot

The Chicano/Latino boy who wants to “deport all the illegals”

A moment of silence for our fallen soldiers. They are lost to the cause.

For people of color who fetishize themselves and are ok with others fetishizing them

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*deletes all ur captions before reblogging post*

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Did I already reblog this? Who cares. I’m reblogging this.

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Bully messes with karate champ. [video]

The source video is very, very worth watching. A few things to point out:

The young woman in the dark coat is continually trying to escape from the man. She has spoken to him, she’s pulled away, she’s even tried to walk away before he dragged her back. She hit him as a last resort but it didn’t do anything, he just got more aggressive.

The girl in the white jacket was walking by, recognized that a bad situation was happening, stopped, and intervened. At 0:28 she calls the man out, and continues to call him out until he breaks off attacking the young woman in the dark coat and turns his aggression on her. At which point she defends herself—and then she escorts the young woman in the dark coat safely away.

This is a hero.

Bringing this back.


The woman in the white jacket is Olga Ivanova, taekwondo world champion. That kick must have hurt like hell.

Girl protect girl

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Friend sent this video to me, footage of people using pepper spray on an elderly woman during the protest

This is just horrible.. My thoughts are with you all and please,stay strong xx

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I want you to imagine a ten year old version of yourself sitting right there on this couch. Now this is the little girl who first believed that she was fat, and ugly, and an embarrassment.

This is groundbreaking

this is my third time rebloging this today. this is so important.

I watched this episode on 4od last night. I HAD SNOT BUBBLES COMING OUT OF MY NOSE, and I looked like a blooming panda after this scene…

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1,200 aboriginal Canadian women have gone missing over the past 30 years. Hashtag asks #AmINext?

On Aug. 17, Winnipeg police pulled the body of 15-year-old Tina Fontaine out of the Red River near Alexander Docks.

The scope of the tragedy prompted Holly Jarret of Hamilton, Ont. — cousin to Loretta Saunders, an indigenous woman who was murdered in February at age 26 — to launch the #AmINext hashtag earlier this month.

So, what’s being done about it? | Follow micdotcom

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